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Would you pay a $500 finders fee to someone willing to refer and help you land a $75,000 a year job?

JobPrize is a job referral network that connects Job Seekers with Informed Employees to refer and help them land a job.
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Job Seekers
1 Register
    Register with JobPrize to get seen by thousands of employees willing to give you a job referral.
2 Create a Profile
    Profile yourself and your perfect job. Say how much you are willing to pay an employee to refer you to a job opening within their company.
3 Get Contacted By Prize Hunters
    In the know employees (Prize Hunters) will contact you via JobPrize and after learning more about you may ask for your resume to submit as a referral.
4 Interview
    Because most jobs are landed through referrals, you will have a better chance of interviewing for the referred opening. If you interview, you must escrow your prize amount to the Prize Hunter.
5 Land The Job
    At this point, the ball is in your court, if you interview well, you get the job!
Prize Hunters
1 Register
    Register with JobPrize to see profiles of Job Seekers looking for a job
2 Search Profiles
    Search Profiles of JobSeekers based on your company openings and prize amount. Review against job openings within your company.
3 Refer Job Seekers
    Refer Job Seekers to openings that match their profiles. You can request to review their resume, and if its a match, forward to the hiring manager within your company.
4 Escrow
    After the Job Seeker secures an interview, they are required to escrow their prize incentive to you. If they do not land a job, they are not required to pay a prize.
5 Get Paid
    If the Job Seeker lands the job, the escrow is released and you get the prize!
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